Adult System of Care

Our adult system of care manages both mental health and substance use treatment services for adults.

Fany Flores
Manager Adult System of Care

Behavioral Health Services

Our behavioral health services department oversees all mental health and substance use treatment services across our system.

Adilen Cruz
Vice President of Behavioral Health Services

Care Coordination

Care Coordination is the systematic management of the System of Care to ensure that individuals with the highest level of need are being linked to community-based care and provided the appropriate supports to ensure that their treatment needs are properly addressed.

Yisel Morell
Manager, Care Coordination

Child Welfare Coordination

Child Welfare Coordination ensures consistent integration, coordination, and planning between the Managing Entity, Community Based Care Lead Agency and other child welfare stakeholders.

Ashley Wiggins
Child Welfare Integration Coordinator

Children’s System of Care

Our children’s system of care manages both mental health and substance use treatment services for children and youth.

Maria Guajardo
Children’s System of Care Manager


The Communications Department manages a variety of internal and external communications, marketing, social media, media relations, public relations, civic engagement and community relations opportunities. If you are a provider and need a logo/branding review, please email

Carrie Ann Perez
Communications and Projects Consultant

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Thriving Mind’s CQI team is committed to the development, implementation, and quality assurance of the network with priority given to those areas that impact individuals served and their families.

Joanna Cardwell
Vice President of Continuous Quality Improvement

Contracts and Procurement

Our contracts and procurement group manages all contracts with providers across our system and offers procurement opportunities to the providers.

Jessica Rodriguez
Vice President of Contracts and Procurement

Executive Team

Our executive team consists of John Newcomer, M.D., president and CEO; Steven Zuckerman, Senior VP and CFO, and Laura Naredo, Senior VP and COO.

John W. Newcomer, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer and President
Stephen Zuckerman
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Laura Naredo
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Judy Hickson
Executive Assistant


Our finance team is responsible for budgeting, funding allocations, accounts payable, invoice processing, and general accounting.

Jose Vempala
Vice President of Finance


Thriving Mind’s Housing Coordinator and Housing Peer are committed to finding safe, affordable, stable housing for individuals with mental health and/or co-occurring diagnoses; Ensuring that these individuals receive the necessary support services to be successful in the community.

Karol Diaz
Housing Coordinator

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for providing financial, administrative, and clerical services, which includes processing and monitoring accounts payable, bank deposits and payroll. The Human Resources Coordinator administers a variety of human resources activities and programs, including those related to staffing, compensation, benefits ,training and workplace safety.

Julie Ortiz
Human Resources Coordinator

Information Technology and Data Analytics

Johnny Guimaraes
Vice President of Information Technology and Data Analytics

Peer Services

Our Peer services team is available to assist the peer community to better serve our consumers.

Allison Schild
Peer Services Manager

Prevention System of Care

Thriving Mind South Florida provides Prevention of substance abuse and promotion of wellness (positive mental health) services in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties as part of a continuum of behavioral health care for individuals and their families. Prevention refers to the proactive approach to preclude, forestall, or impede the development of substance abuse or mental health related problems. These strategies focus on increasing public awareness and education, community-based processes, and incorporating evidence-based practices. The program’s services are designed to prevent the development of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, promoting a general health and well-being. The vision of the Thriving Mind Prevention System of Care is to provide substance abuse prevention and wellness promotion services, raise awareness, foster collaboration, and enhance the efforts of community programs and coalitions for the enrichment of youth, families, and communities.

Lina Castellanos
Community and Systems Integrator and Director of Prevention

Research and Evaluation

Thriving Mind’s vision is that solid research and evaluation will help move behavioral health forward as a necessary and essential service for children, adults, families, and programs. Data is gathered at multiple levels and used to sustain programs and monitor fidelity. The team works with the network, community, and state partners to ensure measuring service provision for policy-relevant outcomes. The data-driven approach to manage funding to best meet the community’s needs. The evaluation data is used as a powerful tool for communicating with stakeholders. Through the use of data collection, evaluation, and analysis strategies, Thriving Mind strives to: Ensure financial strength and programmatic accountability to achieve performance outcomes and standards in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible Identify gaps in services and specialized needs Identify priority populations including, but not limited to criminal justice involved, child welfare involved, individuals served in need of trauma informed care, and co-occurring Use the collection and analysis of data to improve the network and network provider compliance and when necessary incorporate improvements into action plans.

Steven L. Proctor, Ph.D.
Senior Program Director for Health Outcomes/Director, VOCA Trauma Recovery Network