Thriving Mind South Florida partners with a number of local, state and federal organizations in order to provide a full range of services to adults, children and youth. These include schools, law enforcement, the judicial system, as well as partnerships with other non-profits like Sesame Street in Communities.

Family Intensive Treatment Team (FIT)
The Family Intensive Treatment (FIT) team model is designed to provide intensive team-based, family-focused, comprehensive services to families in the child welfare system with parental substance abuse.
Community Action Treatment Team
The Community Action Treatment (CAT) program is designed to provide community-based services to children ages 11 to 21 with a mental health or co-occurring substance abuse diagnosis with any accompanying characteristics such as being at-risk for out-of-home placement as demonstrated by repeated failures at less intensive levels of care; having two or more hospitalizations or repeated failures; involvement with the Department of Juvenile Justice or multiple episodes involving law enforcement; or poor academic performance or suspensions. Children younger than 11 may be candidates if they display two or more of the aforementioned characteristics.
Children’s System of Care Expansion SAMHSA Grant
This four-year grant fund the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan for improving and expanding services provided by the system of care (SOC) for young adults with serious emotional disturbances (SED) or those who experience early onset SED/SMI and their families in Miami-Dade County, building and expanding upon the progress achieved from the Children Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) and System of Care Expansion Implementation Cooperative Agreements. The project will target at least 200 vulnerable and at-risk young adults 14-21 years of age who are transitioning to adulthood by creating more extensive collaboration, coordination, and formal system linkages between and within child and adult serving agencies to appropriate and needed services and supports in order to achieve and maintain recovery and wellness.