Thriving Mind | South Florida promotes access to effective, accountable and compassionate care for people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders. We fund and oversee a safety net of services for uninsured individuals in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties with support from the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families, and other public and private sources.

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Helping South Florida live with health, hope and dignity

We work to enhance mental health care in our counties by ensuring direct access to exceptional treatment providers and services. By evaluating and securing expert providers we aim to facilitate efficient access to personalized services and programs that bridge gaps in the system, provide a continuum of care and help people thrive.

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Our Initiatives

At Thriving Mind South Florida, our goal is to fill gaps in the system of mental health and substance use treatment while providing access to support mechanisms that address the many varied needs of affected individuals and their families. These initiatives help to ensure quality of care and access to peer programs, cultural integration and much more.

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