Outpatient services include individual and/or group interventions such as therapy, psychiatric services, medication-assisted treatment and more. These services for adults also include clubhouse and drop-in centers. The services can be rendered in non-provider settings such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools, detention centers, etc.

Thriving Mind contracts with providers for mental health and substance use treatment and prevention services. This website lists only what Thriving Mind contracts for. For a provider’s full list of services, please refer to their websites.

Services provided for individuals reporting a violent crime:

1.Psychological Evaluations

2.Psychiatric Evaluations

3.Individual Therapy


Person’s served:

Children, adolescents, young adults (18 years of age and younger) with parental participation and input in the treatment planning and therapeutic process. Additionally, parents, adult caregivers, and siblings may be served if clinically applicable either by direct care by the Provider or by referral to another clinical entity.

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