Thriving Mind contracts with providers for mental health and substance use treatment and prevention services. This website lists only what Thriving Mind contracts for. For a provider’s full list of services, please refer to their websites.

Mobile Response Teams are based at various locations throughout Miami-Dade County and Monroe Counties to aide in getting to callers fast. They do not provide services at their locations.

As of January 2024, there are three locations in Miami-Dade, with a fourth opening soon.

Call 800-HELP-YOU in Miami-Dade and 305-434-7660 Option 8 in Monroe County. Dispatchers will find a team closest to your location.

This page lists all services Thriving Mind contracts with Guidance/Care Center, Inc. at this location. To learn more about each service, click on the links.
(3) Adult Mental Health
  • Outpatient (Therapy-Adult Mental Health)
  • Peer Support Services
  • Case Management (Adult Mental Health)
(3) Adult Substance Use Disorder
  • Outpatient (Therapy-Adult Substance Use)
  • Peer Support Services
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
(3) Children / Youth Mental Health
  • Outpatient (Therapy-Children/Youth Mental Health)
  • Case Management (Children's Mental Health)
  • Intervention
(1) Children / Youth Substance Use Disorder
  • Outpatient (Therapy-Children/Youth Substance Use)
(1) Prevention
  • Prevention / Outreach
(1) 211 / 988 / Mobile Response
  • Mobile Response