Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Zuckerman is the chief financial officer. His role is to develop, initiate, maintain, and revise policies and procedures for the general operation of the Financial Program and its related activities to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct. He develops and periodically reviews and update Standards of Accounting to ensure continuing currency and relevance in providing guidance to management and employees. He collaborates with other departments to direct accounting and finance compliance issues to appropriate existing channels for investigation and resolution. He responds to alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and Standards of Conduct by evaluating or recommending the initiation of investigation procedures. Develop and oversee a system for uniform handling of such violations. He acts as an independent review and evaluation body to ensure that accounting financial issues/concerns within the organization are being appropriately evaluated, investigated, and resolved. He monitors and coordinates the financial and accounting activities of other departments to remain abreast of the status of all financial and accounting activities and to identify trends. He Identifies potential areas of financial vulnerability and risk; develop/implement corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues and provide general guidance on how to avoid or deal with similar situations in the future. He provides reports on a regular basis, and as directed or requested, to keep the President/Chief Executive Officer, Finance Committee and Board of Directors informed of the operation and progress of accounting efforts. He monitors the performance of the Financial and Accounting Program and related activities on a continuing basis, taking appropriate steps to improve its effectiveness. He ensures the provider network follows the rules and regulations of regulatory agencies as it pertains to the contract with the provider, that agency policies and procedures are being followed, and that behavior in the organization meets the company’s Standards of Conduct.