Outreach services are provided through a formal program to both individuals and the community. Community services include education, identification and linkage with high risk groups. Outreach services for individuals are designed to encourage, educate, and engage prospective clients who show an indication of substance abuse and mental health problems or needs. Individual enrollment is not included in outreach services.

Thriving Mind contracts with providers for mental health and substance use treatment and prevention services. This website lists only what Thriving Mind contracts for. For a provider’s full list of services, please refer to their websites.

This Network Provider subcontracts services for on-street chronically homeless and substance users in Miami. The subcontracted service team will engage these individuals over time before delivering treatment and stabilization services along with Housing and Supportive services. Outreach takes place 5 days a week in the early morning or the late evening with medication observation taking place on weekends.

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