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Network Providers (11)
Banyan Health Systems
3850 W. Flagler St.
Caribbean Blvd.
Center for Family and Child Enrichment
N.W. 167th St.
Citrus Health Network
4175 W. 20th Ave.
W. 51st Place
Community Health of South FL, Inc.
Doris Ison Health Center
Marathon Health Center
Martin Luther King Jr. Clinica Campesina
Naranja Health Center
South Dade Health Center
West Kendall Health Center
West Perrine Health Center
Concept Health Systems, Inc
N.E. 49th St.
Guidance/Care Center, Inc.
1205 Fourth St.
41st St. Ocean
Overseas Hwy., Suite 5
Here's Help, Inc.
N.W. 27th Ave.
S.W. 152nd St.
Jewish Community Services of South Florida, Inc.
Biscayne Blvd.
S.W. 104 St.
Miami-Dade County
New Hope CORPS
N. Krome Ave.
Westcare / The Village South, Inc.
Biscayne Boulevard
S.W. 7th St.