Paul Imbrone is a 40-year veteran of retail operations having held senior executive positions with one of the industry’s largest retail leaders, Macys, Inc. where he was VP, Government and Public Affairs for an eight-state region encompassing Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Puerto Rico. Beginning with Allied Stores, Paul managed and directed a number of key areas including legislative affairs, loss prevention, risk management, public relations, communications, business continuity, licensed business development and tenant lessee relationships. 

During his retail tenure, Imbrone went beyond his career positions to lead a variety of community initiatives, retail associations and charitable pursuits. A master at bringing people to consensus to participate and become involved in collaborative, political and legislative matters, Imbrone’s expertise and board participation led him to become a key community advocate and contributor with groups as diverse as the United Way, the Miami Dade County Homeless Trust, and Thriving Mind |South Florida Behavioral Health Network as well as leading many years of public service on behalf of Macys biggest Initiatives.  

Following a number of years as Chairman of the Board, Florida Retail Federation and holding numerous board positions in a variety of state retail associations, Paul retired in 2017 but his continued desire to contribute, led him to continue to support community initiatives important to him: 

1) The formation of his business consulting firm, PHI & Associates with a specialty focus on retail and small business development. 

2) Accepting a director’s position as lead for the Landlord Recruitment, Retention, and property acquisitions for Miami Dade County’s Homeless Trust. 

Whether Paul is consulting Múcaro Coffees, one of his recent retail clients on their global expansion efforts or leading the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, RentConnect Landlord initiative, his vast contributions and continued involvement in the retail world and his community has made Imbrone an invaluable, tireless asset to all who have the pleasure of working with him.